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BRIDGES is a mental health and social services agency dedicated to supporting individuals facing behavioral health challenges and disorders. Our mission is to restore dignity, respect, and to empower at-risk children, youth, adults, and their families to achieve their utmost potential for independence, community integration, and an enhanced quality of life. Through tailored programs and services, guided by a strength-based, client-centered approach, we leverage individual strengths to foster skills and abilities, breaking the cycle of institutionalization and homelessness. Together, we build bridges to brighter futures.


We are excited to introduce our name change from Braswell Rehabilitation Institute for Development of Growth and Educational Services, Inc. to BRIDGES Community Treatment Services, Inc. You can still call us BRIDGES!

Beginning 2020, reflecting on 44 years of serving the Los Angeles community and the scope of our reach, we embarked on a mission to change our agency name. We wanted our name to highlight our commitment to community and align with the work we do and the scope of our mission. We are proud of the name change created by our staff.

After serious consideration and review we took the selected name to our Board of Directors who unanimously accepted our desire to morph into BRIDGES Community Treatment Services, Inc. We believe that our new name represents our evolution as an agency, the scope of our services, and highlights our commitment to community.

For our loyal community members who know us as BRIDGES, Inc. this will remain. BRIDGES is our well-known DBA. Keeping BRIDGES in the name of our agency is important to us as it continues to honor our founders, Dr. Audrey (Al) Braswell and C. (Chuck) Allen Braswell, long term supporters and leaders for the agency of many years. We are ever grateful to them for their contributions to community based behavioral health and specifically for their respected commitment to serving the needs of persons with serious mental health disorders.