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Mission, Key Objectives, and Core Values

Our Mission is to empower at risk youth, adults and their families to reach their own maximum potential for independence, community integration, and quality of life by delivering programs and services focusing on each person’s strengths to develop the skills and abilities which break the cycle of institutionalization and homelessness.   

This commitment and goal of fostering healthy communities is accomplished by addressing a broad spectrum of mental health needs.  It is through a combination of therapeutic techniques, including counseling, case management, medication support, as well as skill building, education, and other support services, including peer mentoring, that each individual or family is empowered to improve their mental health, well-being, and achieve recovery, hope, and independence.

Our Key Objectives include the following:

  • Provide evidence-based early intervention services that serve to prevent the onset of mental illness or the development of more serious mental illness 
  • Break the cycle of dependency and institutionalization for adults with serious mental illness by offering community-based programs supportive of economic and social inclusion
  • Provide outreach and education to increase the community’s awareness and understanding of mental illness, and help eradicate stigma for individuals and families living with mental health conditions
  • Empower individuals, families, and communities to develop goals and achieve their highest level of functioning and potential 
  • Provide culturally sensitive and client driven services

Our Core Values

  • Integrity- We are honest, ethical, and fair in our business practices.  We treat everyone fairly.
  • Team Oriented- We encourage cooperative efforts at every level and across all activities in the agency to promote and inspire growth and team work.
  • Giving- Our commitment to our clients is deeply engrained in our organizational culture and we go above and beyond every day to promote successful growth and independence in our clients.
  • Personal Responsibility- We each are responsible for the success of our projects and for growing our relationships with our clients, co-workers, and the community in which we serve. 
  • Empowerment- We strive to empower our clients to make self-directed decisions independently with their best interest in mind, for achievement of their best self.  Further, we empower staff to grow and achieve.
  • Respect- We respect all stakeholders including clients, peers, other team members, visitors, vendors, community partners and everyone that we come across in the course of business.
  • Community- We believe that community is essential to meeting the needs of those working towards recovery of health and quality of life.  To this end, we work to develop partnerships and strong relationships in the community.
  • Inclusion- We value differences in our work force and clientele while working diligently to bridge the gaps in communication that naturally occur.  Our clients are our purpose, and the diverse staff brings alive the services fulfilling our goals and objectives for the clients and the organization.