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Programs & Services

Prevention and Early Intervention

Early Intervention Services for Children, Transitional Age Youth and/or Adults are/or may:

  • Relatively low intensity
  • Shorter in duration than typical therapy
  • Approached with the goal of supporting well-being in major life domains and avoiding the need for extensive mental health services
  • Addresses a condition early in its manifestation 
  • Include screening and identification of additional needs
  • Often provided in the community such as in schools, faith-based organizations, other community-based settings, as well in the office or via video application (telemental health)
  • Include the practice of evidence-based interventions that help the individual with the challenges of trauma, substance abuse, early onset of anxiety and depression, interpersonal and social problems, and crisis situations.

Prevention Services include:

  • Outreach to families, employers, primary care health providers, and others to recognize the early signs of potentially severe and disabling mental illness. The goal is to catch mental health issues in their earliest stages to prevent long-term suffering
  • Increasing access and linkage to medically necessary care as early as possible in the onset of these conditions possible
  • Helping to reduce stigma and discrimination associated with seeking mental health services and reduce discrimination against people living with a mental health challenge
  • Promoting wellness, foster health, and prevent the suffering that can result from untreated mental illness.
  • Building protective factors and skills, increasing support, and reducing risk factors or stressors
  • Prior to a diagnosis for mental illness

Prevention and Early Intervention does not provide emergency services.  Please contact 911 if you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency.

Basic Criteria

  •  All ages
  •  Funding: Medi-Cal or No Insurance

 Call for a no cost assessment to see if you qualify for services

San Fernando Valley:   TruStart:                            818-657-0411

San Gabriel Valley: Project Independence:           626-350-5304

Due to the current Public Health Emergency, for the health and safety of all of our clients and staff, BRIDGES may provide many of the same services virtually, via a secure telemental health platform.

PEI Services are funded by Mental Health Services Act and

LA County Department of Mental Health