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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I stay in the program?

The residential programs vary in length of stay, but cannot be any longer than 18 months.  Many clients stay much less time, for a success transition.  Your exact stay would be determined based on the program type, your identified needs, goals and/or treatment progress and/or other factors.  Staff can discuss your anticipated length of stay during your inquiry call or meeting and during the intake and admission process.  Feel free to ask more specific questions during your intake interview or when you join the program.

Your length of treatment and frequency of visits in outpatient will vary based on your needs and the type of program you are enrolled in.  For example, in general our prevention and early intervention programs are up to about 12 months, however, frequency of attendance, your needs, types of interventions, and your overall participation may impact your length in treatment.  Other types of mental health programs may be longer term with ongoing supportive and/or medication services offered.