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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to leave the facility and receive visitors while living in the residential program?

We encourage family visits and welcome family participation during your stay in one of our residential programs.  If you are inquiring or enrolling during the COVID-19 pandemic, please ask staff about any impact to visiting and/or visiting hours.

Yes, you are permitted to have visitors in common areas of the facility and within the established visiting hours for your program.   All visits must be arranged with staff prior to the visit and within the policies and procedures of the program.

You are permitted to leave the facility to explore your community, access resources, to develop vocational, educational and employment goals, to participate in 12 step meetings if applicable to your recovery plan, and/or other reasons.  Each client has their own journey and service plan which may guide the appropriateness of outside activities.  This is not a locked facility. However, there are policies and procedures that guide what is appropriate and acceptable time away, such as staying on site during your orientation period, adhering to the program’s established curfew, and/or your treatment plan.  

If you would like more information about this, please ask the Intake Coordinator when you meet with us.