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Leadership and Staff

Shianne Torales, LMFT

Shianne Torales is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist with 17 years of DMH experience.  She has worked with several contracted agencies in service areas 1,2,3,4,7 and 8 providing direct mental health services to children, adults and/or their families in the office, home, and/or community settings as well as Quality Improvement.  Direct services provided included Prevention and Early Interventions such as Seeking Safety, Aggression Replacement Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Intervention, and Brief Parenting Enhancement Interventions, which is Praxis currently within the school-based and Full-Service Partnership programs. As a Quality Improvement Specialist, Shianne reviewed documentation from MAT, TBS, FSP, Wraparound, CAWORKS/gain, FCCS (Adult and Children), probation, and Wellness programs as well as provided clinical guidance and training regarding documentation requirements. Supervisory duties include teaching and reviewing DMH documentation such as the clinical loop between the assessment, treatment plan and progress note, writing specific achievable mental health and case management goals, and collaboration with supervisees on formulating DSM/ICD-10 codes; holding team meetings to complete case presentations and improve clinical skills; providing guidance about red flag issues, HIPPAA compliance and ethical/legal responsibilities; and providing individual and/or group supervision.  Currently, Shianne serves as the Clinical Director for BRIDGES in service area 3.

Medical Records, Billing and Quality Assurance

  • Cindy Luna

    QA Assistant

  • Davis Truong

    QA Assistant

  • Paulina Rojas

    Medical Billing and Records Coordinator

Executive Management and Programs Support Team

  • Nicole Smith

    Executive Administrative Assistant

  • Ashley Jara

    Accounting/HR Assistant

  • Guadalupe Perez

    Trustart/FSP Program Assistant

  • Lizbeth Gonzalez

    Residential/Program Assistant


Our team includes many valuable professional and direct service staff working in our homes and programs everyday providing support and treatment for our clients.

These staff members include:

  • Mental Health Workers
  • Therapists
  • Case Managers
  • Peer Support Staff
  • Volunteers/Interns

BRIDGES welcomes help from community volunteers, students and interns from various educational institutions. Students, interns and volunteers are provided with an opportunity to develop their therapeutic skills and gain a deeper knowledge of mental health while assisting clients in learning to manage their symptoms of mental health and providing treatment strategies for helping clients to achieve their individual goals.

All of our staff, volunteers, students, and interns are invaluable to our agency and importantly to the clients we serve.